Doug WarrenSpecial Tribute to Rev. Douglas S. Warren
I've dedicated this issue of the newsletter to our family friend and my mentor in Holy Spirit ministry, Rev. Doug Warren. Doug was a pioneer in liberation (deliverance) ministry and thousands of pastors sought him out over the years, including many who became well known leaders in renewal.  We always loved the visits of Doug and his wife Vange. If the enemy had been up to anything, he would soon be discovered and eliminated! Whenever the Warrens left for home there was always an  anointing left behind that lasted for weeks.  His discernment and prophetic insight had a profound impact on our lives. We were blessed to have him on the Total Change Board of Reference.

Doug  went to be with the Lord on the first day of our miracle campaign in India.  I was astonished when I heard the unexpected news because it fulfilled a prophecy he had spoken over me when he visited us in Bermuda 17 years ago!  Doug always said "God's timing is perfect!"  And so it is.

God bless you

Terry Somerville

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