"Better Roaring Than Snoring!"

by Terry Somerville


Much has been made of manifestations in the renewal. There is no doubt that what happens to the inner man is most important, but manifestations are what is observed and debated. I have found that much of the debate is due to an inadequate description. Here are some helpful observations.

The Jerks, the chicken , the duck walk etc.

The jerks, the chicken (bobing head), duck walking, yanking up knees, doubling over, curling up are all really the same manifestation. CONTRACTIONS. Saying Contractions is biblical and understandable to a seeker. How it affects a person simply depends on how they stiffen their body and whether the contraction come in spasms or not. For example, hold oneself straight during one of these results in the head pulling down or knees coming up. Relaxing results in doubling up onto the floor.

Shaking , thrashing, etc.

Shaking feet, hands, head, arms, lightly or violently are all part of the same manifestation. TREMBLING. Like the jerks, this depends a lot on how one responds to the power. If you hold your arms still, it will start somewhere else, the legs or feet or head. It simply has to get out. If you stiffen completely up, it will break out violently. If you hold back an annointing like prophecy and don't give it, it backs up into more and more shaking. In the bible trembling in the presence of the Lord often happened.


What is called barking is not barking. It is the rapid expulsion of air by a violent contraction. In some people it sounds like a bark, then others taught it as fact.

Falling & Soaking

It is helpful to explain there are various things happening here. In investigating this in our church I found three levels of this. 1. The person is totally overcome in the spirit, and cannot stand. Of these some are oblivious to their surroundings and have visions etc., and others are aware of them but can't get up. 2. The person is so in the presence of the Spirit, and often needs increasing effort to stand, so they just let go. They believe they could get up if they wanted to, but they stay and soak, letting the Lord pour over them and minister to them. 3. The person thinks they are supposed to fall and just do it. Not much of God in it at all.


There is a prophetic roar. The person knows God wants Him or her to roar out from their spirit. There are many bible references to God's roar, and also to Satan's roar. Like any manifestation Satan can counterfeit this one. Test everything.


People often experience fire on their bodies. This is the physical sensation of the refining fire going on in the spirit. Like all annointings, if it increases enough the body will perceive some of the spiritual.

Wind, Fragrance, Music

Often what is happening in the spirit is perceived in the physical. The Wind of the Spirit is felt as a wind. Music, singing, or the sound of waters may be audibly heard. The fragrance of the Lord or the incense of the priest (us) in worship may actually be smelled.

Pogo Sticking, Violent Thrashing etc

Some manifestations are so violent that the person is exhausted and sore. One man in our church did this in worship for over a year and finally came to me in desperation and embarassment. I asked God for wisdom and He said "pray to enlarge his vessel." We did and the intensity immediately diminished. He could receive anf pray much more easily.


Demons will often manifest in the presence of the Lord. This calls for discernment of spirits. Often the ignorant have said" Oh God is blessing him". If it feels "off" it probably is, but don't judge by carnal judgement. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. When you have discernment of spirits, go after it. The power of God is present to deliver!

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