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Creating conditions in the church and the land for GOD to come in Revival Power!


Walking In The Spirit . 

A seminar out line on the parts of man, repentance and victory over the flesh, walking in the spirit, recognizing the Holy Spirit, ministries and gifts, spiritual warfare. WORD DOCUMENT

The Gift of Prophecy, The Office Of The Prophet

A brief outline on this difficult area

Keeping The Freedom of The Spirit

How to regain and retain the free flowing of the Holy Spirit in your life.

The Body Of Christ

What does it mean for us to be the body of Christ? What will it be like when Jesus restores us to all that it means to be His body on earth?

Holiness and Defilement

God is bringing about a people who love holiness and hate defilement. Just what is it?

The Place Of Work In The Spirit Filled Life NEW!

What is the place of work for the Spirit Filled Christian? How are we to be fulfilled? If you are called to ministry what do you do? Is there "secular" and s"piritual work"? Find out what the bible says.

The Gift Of Tongues

A simple bible study guide to the gift and its power.

The Remnant Cries Out

God 's deep calling to His people which causes them to cry out for Him to come to the land with power.


Navigating Renewal Stumbling Blocks

Some practical helps for those struggling with it all

Practical Help with Manifestations

Renewal manifestations more easily understood


Overcoming The Spirit of Heaviness NEW!

A brief study on overcoming the demonic blanket of heaviness that sometimes attacks the church. It tries to steal our faith, hope and love. It is easily overcome when we learn how!

Submitting to God / Resisting The Devil

A bible study on victory dealing with sin, the flesh and the devil. How to recognize the enemies voice, and walk in the Spirit.

The Spirit Of Antichrist

What is the spirit of Antichrist? How does it operate, even in the church>

The Armor Of God

A study on some aspects of spiritual warfare, demons and the armor of God.

Witchcraft In The Church

Carnal prayers can cause havoc in the church as Christians unwittingly loose demonic power.


The River is Flowing

What God has done as we prayed "this is your church, this is your annointing, this is your ministry, do whatever you want Lord!"


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