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Total Change Ministries


is an international Christian Ministry  founded by Rev. Terry Somerville in 1989, and federally registrered charity in Canada.

Rev. Somerville has ministered as a pastor  in Jerseyville Ontario 1978-1981, Barrington Nova Scotia 1981-1986, Bermuda 1986-1989, and Campbell River BC from 1989 to 2003. He left pastoral ministry in 2003 to devote himself to the Kingdom of God shift taking place in the Body of Christ. He travels in healing and evangelism teaching the good news of the Kingdom of God and His LOVE

Many miracles accompany his ministry.  He also owns and operates a Kingdom business called "Miracles In The Marketplace Inc." 

Over the years  "Total Change" has conducted many ministries including:  

-Over 350 Canadian television programs from 1990 to 2005 including coast to coast programs on satellite in Canada.

- Conferences, crusades, healing meetings and Kingdom meetings in various nations.
-MISSION WORK in INDIA, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Phillipines and Sierra Leone

2010 - CHVI 88.7 SPIRIT FM - the only Christian radio station in British Columbia Canada

President : Rev. Terry Somerville
Treasurer: Lynn Smith - accounting
Mrs . Karen Somerville
Steve Falk - consultant.

Dirk and Pam Wolbers - Super friends

Trever Wickens - musician

Total Change is a federal corporation, and a registered charity.

Total Change is supported by donors and monthly partners.

All gifts are tax deductible