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10 Ingredients For Miracles


Ten Ingredients For Miracles

Dear friends

Often I'm asked what is the key for healing and miracles. Usually I will say 'the love of God". But looking over the healing ministry the Lord has given me I see a number of things I've learned from others that have been very helpful. Here are ten ingredients for miracles.

1. A Proper Understanding and Faith in the Gospel
 Miracles are released when we focus on God's grace rather than man's failings. Our righteousness does not move God's hand of healing, but faith  does move His hand.  We need to understand the good news. God love mankind, and wants to set people free.  Jesus died for sinners, and He heals sinners today.  All has been done, only faith is needed. We've seen many Hindu's healed, in spite of the fact they worshiped their gods that very day!  It's just because Jesus  loves them and the kingdom was near!  He loves people and hates the darkness!

2. The Motivation of God's Love. The "Love Anointing"
The motivation of a healing minister must be love. In fact, it must be Gods love working in us that empowers us. I call that the "love anointing". If our motive is healing itself, doing a ministry, rather than flowing in God's love for people, we will probably not see many miracles. God is into people not buildings, organizations and ministries. He is not obligated to fulfill our mission, only His. If our motivation is compassion and the Kingdom of God we will see many miracles. Jesus promised!

3.  Faith  to use our Kingdom Authority. 
Jesus imparted two things to His apostles and told them to heal. He gave them: a) Authority - the legal right to heal in Jesus name. b) Power - the  spiritual dynamite to destroy the works of the devil.  Jesus commissioned (gave the legal right) to the twelve, the seventy, and then to every believer,  to have authority over all demons  and sickness.  The first Christians  began using this authority to heal the sick even before they received the power of the Holy Spirit!  Amazing.  IT WAS  NOT THE ANOINTING THAT HEALED, BUT THE AUTHORITY! -our legal right to act to heal!  After Jesus rose He told them to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit as well.

Think of it like Canada's border guards. They have authority because they are commissioned to enforce Canada's immigration laws. Recently the government increased their power by giving them firearms. It's the authority that counts. The increased   power of firearms just backs it up.

Today Christians often interpret a lack of power to be a lack of lack of authority.  If they fail to see healing  they conclude God does not want the healing and they give up. Instead they can increasing the power (through fasting and prayer for instance) The truth is we ALWAYS have authority (the right to) heal. Christians are commanded to heal. It's our commission, our mandate and our privilege, our God given authority.  But we are breaking in against the gates of hell, and the  last enemy is death. So contend for healing! Complete victory awaits till He returns.

4. Command Instead of Praying.
Often healing happens when we stop asking God to do it, and just heal them as He commanded us to do. This was quite a challenge to me until one day the Holy Spirit asked me  " Terry, How do you praise me?"  I said " I open my mouth and speak wonderful things about you." Then He said  " How do you cast out a demon?" I said " I tell it to leave and it has to go."  Then He said. " So how do you heal the sick?" I said "Tell the sickness to go and the body to be well???"   I began to do this and the results went sky high. Jesus said to us "...Cast out demons, heal the sick...." We do it, we don't ask God to do it.  In order to walk in this level we need to understand that our authority is like the centurion. Look how Jesus spoke to the fever, when he healed Peters mother in law. We are under Jesus commission, and sin, sickness and disease is under us!   See the next section.

5. Boldness 
Every time faith is involved we step past our comfort zone.  Healing ministry takes boldness. You are a servant and  steward of God grace.  You must not listen to that "inner pharisee" evaluating everything you do.  Self consciousnesss must go! (It shuts down healing)  In meetings I often "put God on the spot"... way out there.  What do I mean? I will speak so highly of His love and wondrous grace, that it's like He wants to show everyone it's true! Then I stand a difficult need  in front of everyone and ask Him to demonstrate Hid love and power.  Jesus is so wonderful!  

6. Persistence
Isaiah 53 says Jesus took our sins AND our sickness.  If someone said they didn't feel all their sins could be forgiven we would insist that they were all paid for at calvary.  But when praying for healing we  often give up  and say "I guess God doesn't want to heal. What nonsense! Healing was purchased on the same cross as forgiveness!   We need the same persistence for healing that we have for forgiveness. 

We understand that we struggle against sin, likewise we will struggle against sickness with that same grace.   Many times we've seen healings increase through persistence. Sometimes after  ministry a person says their condition improved slightly. Often if  we try again it improves, and again and again!  In some meetings  I have done this five times in a row with deaf people and their hearing was completely restored! Persistence may take days and weeks, but  never give up!

7. Try it out!  "Do what you can't do"
People need to take their healing quickly and not be thinking it over or trying to feel something. Sometimes people pray themselves  right out of the healing.  Instead we need to what Jesus did and tell people to do what they can't  do.  Jesus often said things like "Stretch out your hand,  get up and walk"  Many time healings happen as people take that step of faith.    No prayer, just a command and in the doing by faith the healing happens!   I guarantee increased results in Jesus name! 

8. Rebuking Demons that Cause Infirmity.
In his autobiography, Smith Wigglesworth said that if he could do his years of ministry again he would always rebuke the devil, because demons were involved 80% of the time. Often theres more to healing ministry than simply healing. Many times I've seen deaf ears open only after when I rebuked a deaf and dumb spirit.  In most of those cases I had no special revelation (except Smith Wigglesworth's  autobiography! ) Many times backs are not healed until I rebuke  a demon off a persons lower back and sciatic nerve.  The devil brings many infirmities but we are commissioned to destroy the works of the devil.

9. Body of Christ Unity and Ministry. Leadership that Gives Opportunity.
The Holy Spirit distributes His gifts throughout the whole Body of Christ, not just one member. Many times  I've laid my hands on someone and they were not healed, so I called others to do it and the gift of healing manifested through one of them.  The most healings happen when everyone gets involved. This is why I train congregations in praying for each in the meeting. All participate.

Some ask "why isn't everyone healed?" It is because the fullness of Christ, (including healing) is present  in His body, not an individual ministry.  When the Body is in one accord and one in the Spirit (a supernatural glory) all are healed.  When I've seen this, the glory of the Lord seems to join each one in a supernatural unity. But it is rare.  In the modern church many that the Lord would use to heal the sick are given no opportunity to minister. Pastors need to KNOW they are equipping the saints for ministry and let them do it.

10. Just do it!
Believe it or not,  the major missing ingredient is simply to take action. Most of the saints in the west never even try  laying hands on people and praying for healing. Nothing happens if you don't act. To put it another way, more people are healed when you pray then when you don't. Guaranteed.

Terry Somerville