Total Change Ministries


10 Older Testimonies - but still wonderful!


1. Nadine came to Christ from a background of drugs and prostitution a few years ago. At that time she asked me to pray for her back, but when I did the fire of God shot into her liver. She later told me she had the later stages of hepatitis C . Her strength and appetite returned, her skin cleared up and she became healthy. I encouraged her to get a doctors report, which she finally did this year. The doctor say she has no Hep.C, and no signs in her system that she ever did! Her liver is as healthy as a childs he said. This is the third person completely healed of Hepatitis.

2. Jean began to attend our church in 1997. She was carrying a TV set down her basement stairs and fell, nearly killing herself. Ever since then she has suffered severe migraine headaches and scans showed damage from the concussion. After laying on of hands and prayer the pain disappeared and never returned. She also has fiber-mialgia (spelling?) She regularly asks for prayer and the condition has been improving. This week she attended a banquet sponsored by an evangelist and was completely healed from night blindness.

 3. Last fall Jeraldine tore some ligaments in her should and was suffering with the pain and immobility. After laying on hands in the name of Jesus she was completely healed and proved it by picking up one of our speakers and throwing it around!

 4. A visitor named Sandy hobbled to the altar and said she a twisted spine. She was getting treatment and could hardly lift one arm as I took her hands to pray for her. When I asked her to do something she couldn’t do before she lifted her arms over her head and cranked them around and started hopping . She still has no pain and all her mobility.

5.  Dirk had 4% hearing in one ear. After prayer at the altar his ear was opened and he estimates his hearing is now better than 50 %. At Bob Brasset's meeting this Feb. his hearing was completely restored

 6. My daughter Megan age 12, has a number of genetic disorders and handicaps. One is a heart condition that gradually deteriorates every five years or so. She has had two open heart surgeries and in 1996 the cardiologist said her heart would probably need surgery this winter. In December the church prayed for her heart and hearing and two weeks later we went to Vancouver to see the cardiologist. She reported that for some reason Megans heart was a good or better than the previous year and that surgery was not necessary.

7.  In the spring of 1997 Alex was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. He visited River of Life in June and we prayed with him. His PSA? count was 7.2. In October it dropped to 1.9. In January 1998 it was 0.5- .

 8.On January 17 1998 Paul a new christian, visited us from Qualicum beach. He is HIV positive and his immune system was giving way to full blown AIDS. Many were convinced God was healing him when we prayed. Two weeks later his blood work shows all his readings shooting towards normal. In March the doctors reported he has absolutely no HIV in his system!

  9.On Jan 25 at the interchurch meeting a woman from Qualicum beach was prayed for at the interchurch meetings. She had a broken ankle. She was completely restored and dancing around the room. Similarly, a woman with a back injury was in agony and on medication for the pain. After prayer she was restored and began to dance with the others. 

10. In Sept. 1998 at the Sunday service at Christian Fellowship Centre in Qualicum beach a man with a hand paralyzed in an auto accident over ten years ago was healed after prayerand laying on of hands.