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Deaf Ears Opened


A HEALING TESTIMONY  I would like to send you a testimony about what happened to me last week. About ten years ago I had to start wearing hearing aids because of severe hearing loss.  Two years after I got my first hearing aids they were strengthened bexause my loss of hearing was getting worse.   They had to strengthen my aids again three years ago.

On December 16, 2004 a bunch of christians went carrolling in an apartment building. After we finished carrolling we went to an apartment an Terry prayed for me. He told me to take my hearing aids out. Before he finished praying I had to stop him to ask him to quit yelling. Actually he was talking normally but it had been ten years since I had heard a true clear voice without an instrument.
It is now December 27, 2004 and I have not put my hearing aids since the nght the Lord miraculously healed my hearing. Today I can hear as good without my hearing aids as I could with them in. The only thing I can't hear is if some one muffles the sound when they talk.  Praise the Lord miracles are as real as they were in the Bible. I thank the Lord for the priveledge of having my hearing healed.
Len Swanson