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Posted by (terry) on Feb 23 2013 at 11:58 AM

Dear Friends and Family,

February 19, 2013

THANK YOU SO MUCH to each of you that prayed for us to get our midwife licenses! It was quite a miracle how it all worked out. On

Thursday Feb. 14, we went for our interview with the Nursing and Midwife Board of Sierra Leone. There were five people to interview for licenses Kayla, myself, 2 girls from Germany and 1 girl from Switzerland. We each had to interview with the Board one by one.

Because Kayla and I were the first that arrived, we were up first! Kayla was the first one to interview. The interview was in a big room with a long table full of documents and applications. Six members of the Board sat around it and when it was my turn, I sat at the head of the table.

They asked questions like, “Why do you want to work in Sierra Leone?”, “Why did you become a nurse/mi→dwife”, “How long do you intend on staying in Sierra Leone?”, “Where are you practicing health care and what is your focus in Sierra Leone?”.

Then came questions like, “Where do you get your drinking water in the village?”, “Do you have electricity in the village?”, “What do you eat?”, “What kind of house do you live in?”. They were fascinated about the village! They are all from the big capital city! At the end, a few of them said they really want to come and visit us! Haha!! I think it was the easiest and for sure the most fun interview I have ever had!

We decided to spend one more night in the capital, Freetown, and enjoy Valentine’s Day. We found a restaurant that serves REAL pizza! The next morning, our friend saw the registrar of the Midwife/Nursing board. He proceeded to tell the registrar, “Let me be frank with you....these girls had to drive 7 hours to get here, pay to stay in a guest house and pay for food in Freetown. They are going back to the village today and we would really appreciate it if you could give them their licenses today.” She obliged and sent a message for us to come to the office!! WOW! We immediately left for her office! We signed our names in the National Nursing and Midwife Register, filled out the last document, got our pictures taken and an hour later, they handed us our license cards! I am officially a LICENSED SIERRA LEONE MIDWIFE! THANK GOD! The process only took 2 weeks, start to finish. We feel so blessed!

We started working in the health center today! We will be volunteering every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-1pm. It is quite different from a health clinic in Canada. The building is an old Peace Corps house; the ceiling is falling down, the prenatal exam room is so loud with screaming bats and reeks of bat poop. The patients have little privacy, a woman is getting tested for HIV in front of the rest the clinic, a sick child with malaria is whimpering in the only bed in the corner, nurses taking care of their own children and our dog continuing to sneak inside! She is still learning that she is not welcome in the health clinic! We learned so much just in our first

First day at the clinic!


day! We learned about management of malaria and parasites in pregnancy, HIV protocols in pregnancy, treatment of

hypertension, as well as acute diarrhea/rehydration protocols for children. There were about 10 patients in the morning, ranging from a complicated prenatal case, children with diarrhea, babies with yeast infections, child with malaria/dehydration, and a hernia.

The health care staff are so friendly and welcoming. We had the opportunity to teach the nurses about how to figure out the drip rate for an IV line. They knew the amount of fluid the child needed over a certain time, but didn’t know how to calculate the rate at which the IV should drip to allow the child the correct dosage.

We are excited to continue to build relationships with all
the staff as well as learn from their expertise on tropical medicine, primary health care and midwifery care! We are also happy to come alongside the women, children and families we will meet in the clinic. To our great surprise, we already knew a few of the patients today!

There is a brand new clinic building here in the village waiting to be officially approved by UNICEF (UNICEF funded the building). After it is approved, we can move the clinic there! This will be a more hygienic, safer and better environment. They have waited many months for this to happen but we are getting wind it may be approved in March! Please pray for the release of this building. We had the opportunity to give a whole bunch of donated medical supplies to the Gbondapi clinic. We unloaded it all into the new clinic building. See the photos.

Please continue to pray for our language lessons 5 days/week, new role in the clinic, continued relationships in the village and that we would have the joy of the Lord.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers. We are so thankful for your influence over our lives! Thank you and Blessings to you!

Unloading donations at the new UNICEF-built clinic


Thank you for your help in donating medical supplies!