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Posted by Terry (terry) on Aug 20 2017 at 8:44 PM

Bonnie Inkster whilst in prayer saw Europe covered with a thick canopy keeping it in darkness. As she prayed she saw shafts of light piercing the darkness. As the prayer continued she saw the piercing of light increasing and increasing until the entire canopy collapsed. With this as inspiration she formed a strategy to pray in every nation in Europe within the next five years.

History: Founded by Bonnie Inkster in 2003 GPM has sent teams to pray in 27 nations within Europe. In 2003 the first Gateways House was purchased in France. Since then it has been the base for training courses and outreach prayer to areas surrounding the home. Since April, 2005 training days to teach on how to pray effectively in the nations have been held in London. In 2006 there have been people commissioned to establish kingdom presences in Ireland, Cyprus and France.

Where We Have Been: France, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, Wales, Gibraltar, Bulgaria, Iceland, Cyprus, Israel, Finland, Greece, Austria and Slovakia.

What Do We Do: We spend time in prayer seeking the Lords direction for each country before we leave. Armed with the assignment we fly into the country, follow what the Lord has directed us to do and pray.