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Kingdom Ambassadors


Now we need to move a step further as the Lord  shifts us. We cannot understand  marketplace ministry   without understanding the Kingdom of God.  After all, we are ambassadors of Christ, and an ambassador represents one Kingdom while living in another.  When you go to work, school or whatever. you are representing the Kingdom of God while engaged in another kingdom. Most Christians  have not thought  about being an ambassador  as a kingdom issue, but merely as  representing Christ in the world.   But understanding  kingdoms is crucial to being an ambassador. In fact it's an ambassadors business!

1. We need to know how the Kingdom of God works to properly represent it . We need to  know when we go outside the "diplomatic boundaries."  For instance,  it is vital we understand that  our church, traditions  or organization are not the same thing as the Kingdom of God They are  the wineskins we use, not the Kingdom itself.  The "treasure" of the Kingdom of God  is in earthen vessels. 

2  We need to recognize the difference between God's Kingdom, and other kingdoms so that we don't miss our business!  When someone asked Jesus to settle an inheritance issue, He refused. "What do I have to do with you?" It was not His business.  Jesus was careful to only do the Fathers business.  Being a Christian who has a business doesn't make it a kingdom business. Being a steward of Gods business is different. Jesus demonstrated this to the fishermen -disciples when he told them to "cast your nets on the other side, and you will catch a great haul of fish"  When they caught a net breaking, boat sinking load they knew that  fishing  is too easy when God owns the business. The real business, it tturned out, is catching souls. The mandate we have is, is also  to do what Jesus did. We serve others with the love of God, destroy the works of the devil,  cast out demons, heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead,  preach the good news.   The business is God's tool in our hands with an ultimate purpose. To bless others. 

3. We need to know how other kingdoms work, to avoid the snares of darkness.  Here was the fundamental problem of the Israelites.  They would adopt the dark practices of the lands around them,  but think they were serving the Lord!  When we function as ambassadors to other Kingdoms we must be careful not to be entangled in their practices. For instance, a friend of mine, who is a Christian leader from the revival in Argentina,  was immigrating  to Canada. There were all sorts of delays, and so he wanted to find out which government official was expecting a bribe.  This was part of the lingering darkness in Argentina, but  his view of reality for a Christian.  I explained that the Lord would work it out  and said "please don't offer any officials a bribe!" 

On a more serious note,  another example is that we can adopt the idolatry of our culture and be snared by it  in our Christian ministry. I am convinced the powerlessness of the western church is because we serve idols of size, fame, money, youth, and prestige alongside of the Lord. We need a clear understanding of how the Kingdoms of this world work. Then we won't become entangled and ineffective.

4. We need to know how kingdoms work in order that the  kingdoms of this world begin the serve Him.  Kingdoms of this world have strongholds, but these can be exposed and kingdoms changed. Strongholds are  lies entrenched in patterns of thinking  and action that captivate people.  For example, in our culture ( a kingdom of this world) people peruse  wealth in the hope of freedom. "If I become wealthy I will be free." The reality is, they are slaves to fear and do not know the  Heavenly Father who provides. ( Often Christians are also in this state, with a fearful or covetous heart,  pursuing wealth in a "Christian Finances way")   

An  ambassadors for Christ  sees  how the " kingdom of this world"  pattern works, He  is able to lead others into grace and rebuke the demons of mammon and fear.  When this stronghold is broken from businesses or government it releases  a flow of grace that affects commerce.  A godly prosperity will  flow with love rather than greed.

Ambassadors - Representing One Kingdom While Living In Another
Let us keep in mind the reality of an ambassador. We represent one kingdom while living in another. When we know what it means to be an ambassador we will find heavens blessings flowing into the world where we live.