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Dear Friends

I want to share an astonishing miracle with you.  It will encourage and build your faith and  involves people we know well in Campbell River. Jean Boylan and her friend Jayne Kelly  are telling the story of  Melanie, Jean's daughter in law.  As you will read, Melanie had her pelvis completely crushed when her horse fell on her. Her prognosis was two years of recovery and therapy, with no hope of walking again. Needless to say our fellowship began to pray. We had seen many miracles, but this is amazing in every way. It's like God took delight in creating a new pelvis in a way that has accumulated undeniable evidence of a miracle. Apparently  it will apprear in three medical journals as a "medical miracle".

I've started with Jeans most recent email to us and inserted two other reports that were made from Saskatchewan in February as the miracle  unfolded.


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Jean Boylan, Campbell River B.C

June 10,2006

Hello dear family and friends:
Many of you know all about the horrible accident and amazing recovery of my daughter-in-la w, Melanie. Some of you however, have not heard. Please everyone, bear with me as I relate the events as they happened so that everyone will understand the reasons for our great rejoicing and solid, medically verified PROOF that God is still in the business of healing His children. This will be a short history of what happened.
In October of 2005, my daughter-in-law, Melanie, wife of my youngest son, Ryan and mother to my two grandchildren, Eric,(then 4 months and Isabelle, then 2 and 3/4 yrs. was enjoying the day at her parents' farm in a very remote area of southern Saskatchewan. Melanie and Ryan went out for a ride on their horses. Unbelievably, Melanie's horse, reared up and back, throwing Melanie to the ground and then the horse fell onto her. My son Ryan, helplessly witnessed this happen.  Melanie knew she was critically injured. She told Ryan not to move her. Ryan ran back to the farm to get help.
The ambulance had a 45 minute ride to the farm.  One of the attendants was a christian woman whose family knew Melanie and her family. She also knew the injuries could be very grave.  Amazingly, she had just returned from a critical injury training seminar in the states where treating a person with massive internal injuries was a part of the training. So she knew how to place pressure on various parts of Melanie's body because she was hemorrhaging from bones that had ripped throughout her body, including many veins and arteries.  When she got the ambulance call. this woman prayed to God asking that He would guide her hands and hold her emotions so that she could be an instrument of healing for Melanie. The drive from the farm to Regina where they had to go would be at least 3 hours. No one thought Melanie would make it alive. BUT SHE DID! And that's just the beginning of the many miracles God did for her.  Now, in the interest of time, I'm going to cut to the chase so to speak. Her e is a sort of chronological history of what happened and if you think you've heard anything amazing so far, wait until you hear what has just happened this last week!
October 2005,the accident happened. She was operated on that day. One of the finest orthopaedic surgeon's in North America was visiting his family in Saskatchewan and he was called to help in her surgery. (He just happened to be in Regina when no other M.D. in the area had any idea of how to proceed in the surgery of such massive brokenness!!)No one thought she would survive. She did. Her pelvis was totally shattered. The largest piece of bone that showed up on ex-ray was the size of your baby fingernail! She had no pelvis left.
I flew out to Fir Mountain to take care of my two grandchildren. Meanwhile, Melanie continued to recover in Regina General. Initially, there were many problems. Melanie was allergic to almost everything they needed to give her to heal. She suff ered with horrendous pain, nausea, and no bowel movements for far too long. The doctors believed she would be paralysed from the waist down. Melanie did not accept that. She knew she had hundreds of people praying for her and she kept telling the doctors she would walk out of the hospital. You can imagine what they thought!!

After about 8 weeks, it was decided that Melanie should be moved to a tiny hospital closer to her home where she would be able to see her children It was though that she would recover better if she could see her kids as she had not ever been apart from them. Remember, she had just had a little baby boy four months previously. The hope was that some of the bone fragments would come together and then they could surgically place steel plates there to support her body.Once she was in Assinniboia hospital and could see her little ones, Melanie was a great deal happier. The long term prognosis was that she would be in hospitals for 18 months to 2 year s and have several surgeries and then transfer to a rehab hospital in Regina for intensive physio therapy. The goal was to get her into a wheel chair, but not many really believed that could happen.

(Now here are two email reports sent to us during this time to show you the miracle unfolding.  Ed.)

Hi everyone –

I was talking to Jean today and this is the latest on Melanie. She was moved by ambulance yesterday from Assinaboia Hospital to Regina Hospital. Tomorrow she will under go surgery to reconstruct her pelvis. The doctors are cautiously optimistic. They could not do a MRI because of the metal pins in her, which would be the very best way to tell the extent of the healing in her. The next options are the different x-rays and ultra-sounds and according to them things are looking much better then they had hoped. So they have told Melanie and Ryan that they may not have to put the steel plates in (the plates would help her heal but she would probably not be able to walk again) but instead get away with pins and strips of stuff for the bone to adhere to. This would give her a chance at life outside a wheel chair.

Her surgery will be sometime tomorrow. God has no time schedule so please pray for her complete and speedy healing. God has done some really cool healing and safeguarding of Melanie thus far and He is not one to quit before a job is done. So let us keep cheering Him on as he continues work powerfully in and through this family.

God bless and thanks a lot from Jean Boylan and Jayne Kelly

Feb 13,2006

Praise God! Praise God! Hallelujah! Pra ise God! It Is a Miracle.

I believe it was 6 doctors, anyway they all stood with their mouths hanging open, initially not knowing what to do or say as they looked at Melanie’s X-rays.

As you know from the email I sent out last week asking you all to pray, Melanie was to have a long arduous operation to have plates put in her pelvis or at the least reconstruction with pins and strips of stuff to adhere bone growth on Friday. As it turned out the operation got postponed until Saturday because one of her doctors wanted to make sure all of the blood thinners were out of her system. Saturday as they looked at all the X-rays preparing for what was going to be a very extensive surgery they couldn’t believe their eyes. Apparently there had been an unexplainable regeneration of Melanie’s pelvis. As one doctor stated, “It was a case of “rapid re-growth of bone tissue” and one of the other doctors asked him where he got that term from. They couldn’t believe the difference between the X-rays of Saturday and the X-rays of one month ago. And if you remember the month old X-rays that showed the bones coming together in the shape of a pelvis with no help was a hard one for them to understand.

Anyway after looking at the X-rays the doctors were very optimistic. They started the operation with much hope but apparently they were not expecting what they saw. She was so well healed that they took out the metal parts that she had in her that attached her to the rotisserie thing that held her weight off her pelvis and turns her. Normally when a person has attachments like the rotisserie thing in them there is always infection and dead tissue caused by the intrusion of the apparatus. When they removed the rotisserie thing there was absolutely no infection or dead tissue only bright pink healthy flesh. This in its self is a miracle of God. 

So the operation that was to take hours and hours took about 15 minutes and she was awake and coherent and taking to her parents and Jean on the telephone within a couple of hours. Awake, Coherent and so Excited at the news she didn’t know what to do with herself. After they did the operation they tested her muscle tone. Now remember these are muscles that were pulverized by the weigh of a 1500 – 2000 pound horse falling on them and have be just laying around for the past 4 months trying to not get infection. She had above average muscle tone. Praise God. It is a miracle. Her lead specialist told her he couldn’t explain it but considering things were looking so good he would come in on Monday and see if she could start putting some weight on her newly reconstructed pelvis and muscles. Everyone was amazed. But wait there is more. I sound like one of those commercials on TV.

Early Sunday morning in walks the doctor, apparently he couldn’t sleep. So he starts getting Melanie to try and do things like; can you sit-up and put weight on your pelvis, she didn’t know if she could she would try, for the first time in 4 months she was in a sitting position. He asked if she thought she could sit with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed; she tried, she could. He asked if she thought she could get in a wheel chair; with the help of a walker, she did.

Shortly after she got in the wheel chair Ryan came walking into the room and couldn’t believe his eyes. After he stopped laughing and crying, Melanie asked him to take her for a walk. He was gingerly pushing her down the hall when she said go faster, he did, faster she said, he did, faster yet she said and quickly they were racing down the hospital corridor laughing and playing like a couple of kids. They regained control of their happy and went down to the cafeteria and ate pizza. When they came back to her room she was a little sore so they gave her a couple of Tylenol 3 (that is the only medication she is on) and she got back in bed. Not bad for a first outing.

The doctors are now saying she could be home in about 2 weeks. She will still have to take rehab in Assinaboia hospital daily and go back to Regina hospital for rehab a couple of times a month. That is what the doctors are saying. Me I am waiting to see what God is planning.

Please forgive me for any spelling and/or grammatical mistakes.

Please keep praying for God to continue moving powerfully before our very eyes......·     

God bless you all and thank you for your continued support, love Jayne and Jean

(Here is the continuation of Jeans report)
Now, I will bring you to Feb. 14th. the day that Melanie came home to her family! Yes, home to her family! Not only that but she would stand and take a couple of steps. No physio was needed because they said she has already surpassed anything they could help her with.  Within 3 days after coming home, she was up and walking around her home. When the team of surgeons saw her in early March, the head surgeon, pointing to Melanie's ex-rays up on the viewing board  said, "This is impossible. You cannot be walking. You have NO PELVIS!!!!!and you must be in horrible pain as you still have major healing that takes months to happen!!"  How can this be that you are standing in front of us? Melanie replied, "I told you God was healing me. Now do you believe me?"  "No" said one doctor, it's not possible to walk without a pelvis! At that time, they did another ex ray and an MRI . They were stunned to find what looked like dots that were in the shape of a pelvis; an outline so to speak.
Melanie called me on June 6th to report that she had just returned from her doctor's office. He had the latest ex ray report and was having a difficult time giving Melanie and my son the results. He put the ex rays up into the lighted display and there for all to see was a PELVIS just 3 weeks after only tiny dots were seen!!! Not only a pelvis, but no breaks showed, no cracks. The only thing not perfect is that the front of the pelvis isn't closed. Ryan and Melanie believe that's just a matter of time too!
Melanie is functioning amazingly well. She walks a little differently and does still have a bit of aches at the end of a long day. She just put in a garden and built a playhouse for her children. She takes a Tylenol when the pain bothers her!!A Tylenol-when the doctor's believed she would have to take pain killers for the rest of her days! I have kept this much shorter than I could have but anyone having any questions or wanting all the details is welcome to call this overjoyed Nana and I'll happily supp ly all the details you want. By the way, the team of 6 doctors that were on her case said that Melanie's case will be reported in 3 medical journals as a "medical miracle"!!!!!!! How's that for a God who cares? 

To all of you reading this, have hope for your situation. God knows and cares about you and those you love. No, He doesn't heal everyone but He does know what we need and He cares for and loves everyone. An interesting note, Melanie is a Catholic. She had no background that taught of a healing God in our day. My son Ryan, a born again christian, barely believed himself. Together, they simply asked God to make Melanie well and were prepared to accept whatever that looked like. Not in their wildest imagination did that include a new pelvis and a walking, functioning, healed up Melanie!! Many of us hear about miracles that happen overseas or in some far away place to people we don't know and rarely do we even know the person telling of th e event. Well, you all know me and I know and have seen with my own eyes what I have reported to you. It will be recorded in medical journals in England, Canada and the States. So, this is really true and verifiable. Now you can say you personally know of someone God healed against all hope. Because He did!
Blessings to each one of you. And thank you so much for your many prayers and letters of encouragement while I was there. I'm so glad to be home.
Much love and blessings to you all,
Jean Boylan