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Isa 43:19 Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth,  shall ye not know it?

Life At The Shoreline
Come down from entertainment at the towers of the word and the spirit, to the call of God at the shoreline.

The Completeness Of Our New Creation Heart  -
We struggle with a "Spiritual Performance Mentality", but the Lord has already cleansed us, given us a new heart and a new spirit, and put His Spirit in us.

"Warfare From the Place of Rest"
How God shifts spiritual warfare from hand to hand combat, (Eph 6:12) to putting the enemy under our feet. (Rom 16:20)

"Entering The Land" 
God is calling the  body of Christ to enter the land (marketplace). Like Joshua leading Israel into Canaan, great transitions are taking place.

"From Mainframe to Network"
 changes in the church are like the shift from centrally controlled mainframe computers to todays network of PC's

"The Spirit of Babylon and the Church" -
"Come let us build, let us make a name for ourself, let us reach to heaven" How the same spirit that built Babylon endangers the church.

"The River Of Life" by  Doug Warren
A quide book  on liberation ministry (deliverance)  from a pioneer and mentor.

The Two Waves                
A Prophetic dream (1991) of two waves destroying old lifeless church structure.

Get Out Your  Boogie Boards -
A prophetic dream (1994) of God's rain and our ministries.

Crystal Waters -Networking in the Body of Christ
A revelation of how relationships and ministry fit together in  the body of Christ

Niagara and the Harvest
A prophetic word given at Niagara Falls about revival and the preparation of the church.

God's Beautiful Tree - Vision January 2001
A vision of God's tree (the church) blossoming, coming into unity and power with cross polinating!

"Assemble The Troops" - Prophecy January 2001
It's time for God's troops (us)to assemble into our ranks and recive the "live ammo" and go into the battle!

The Kingly Anointing - Prophecy January 2000
Prophecy of releasing Apostolic Power on Christians who are leaders in the secular realms.

Kings & Priests - Teaching January 2000
Complete teaching on the above prophecy - Kings, Priests release to bring revival.

CANADA - God's fertile field! - Prophecy March 2000 
A NOW vision of Canada as a growing field!

The church of the 21st century will look nothing
like the church of the 19th century