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Posted by (terry) on May 27 2010 at 8:31 PM

Newlife International School of Midwifery, January 19 - March 21, 2010

Dear friends and family,
Time is truly flying! I don’t know where the months are going, but between clinic, school and some good times with the girls, March is almost over… crazy.

On 02-19-10, I did my last prenatal on my first continuity patient, Jessa. Continuities are extra special. We do all their prenatals, get called in for the birth, and then do all the postpartum checks after the baby is born. I really enjoyed getting to know this responsible, mature woman as she came faithfully to every check on time. Whenever she was here at Mercy, her other two small children were being watched for by her husband (bana) or someone else if her bana was at work. Jessa is just 18 years old. That day, I had just advised Jessa to do some labor stimulation techniques as our protocols don’t allow us to deliver post-term babies over 42 weeks old. That night, around 11:15pm, I got a text from the clinic saying that Jessa had arrived! Hurridly getting on my scrubs, I rushed over. Jessa was calmly walking around, but definitely looked like she was in active labor. It took a while to check her blood pressure, pulse, temperature and the baby’s heart rate as she was having strong contractions and couldn’t stay in one position for long. Finally, her bana came into the room, and she began labouring with him, standing and squatting. The measurement of her tummy was big compared to her last two babies, so we were prepared for the possibility of a bigger baby. Then, at 12:30am, her water broke. She was still squatting as I checked her and saw that her baby was coming! Little Shekainah Hanna was born right there at 12:41am 02-20-10 with me crouching on the floor. It was really beautiful to deliver Jessa’s baby after having built a relationship with her. Shekainah was 8lb, big for a Filipino baby, and looks just like her mom.
Another highlight was having Uncle Steve, Aunty Karen and my cousin Brooklyn come visit Kinshasa and I! The girls came to the clinic a few times, and Brooklyn proved to be an excellent baby foot-printer. They spoiled us rotten with trips to Samal island and yummy dinners/snacks...and of course, their presence.
Falk family takes over the birthroom!
Josef Rouven, born 02-20-10 getting his first bath from Daddy
5 midwives, 1 busy nightshift
Baby Kenneth born 03-18-10 with his proud family: my 22nd catch
Thankyou for praying for baby Akirha in the hospital. She was discharged and came in for her last check up at 7 weeks old. She is doing well now. As for Aileen and Ryan (who lost baby Xun), I havn’t had a chance to visit them lately, but sometimes I see them driving by in their tricycad and we always wave. I am hoping to connect with them again sometime.
Thanks so much for praying for me. The last assignment I did was a doozy… 49,015 words and 99 pages long. However, it was the first assignment that I really didn’t feel stressed about at any time….and, it wasn’t a huge rush to get it done at the end. I am very thankful. We just finished our semester exam and now are started on the next assignment. The learning curve is insanely steep; but it is super cool to be in school when all the topics are interesting to me.
Branching Out
A few days ago my roomie Kayla and I packed our bags and headed out to a farm that some families have started in a little community. It was really nice to just get out of the city and help them “work the land”. God has given them really beautiful strategy for ministering to their neighbours and community in practical ways by providing jobs on the farm they are building. The farm extends into some of the neighbors’ properties. One family will have the piggery on their place, and one family the dairy goats, both providing income and a sense of ownership over the farm. The food that they are growing on the farm, including vegetables, fruit, eggs and eventually pork and milk, will go towards a feeding program for children. I enjoyed getting to know the Filipino people who work at the farm and the American family who hosted us. I really came away with practical ideas for future missions. We hope to go back again.
 At 4am, a group of hardcore Canadian midwives and a few others
gathered together on the top floor of an apartment in the Philippines and
crowded around a laptop to watch the Olympic men’s gold medal hockey
game… though the internet streamed game cut out right at the shoot out, we
managed to fix it just in time to see the crowds go wild after Crosby scored. It
was epic.
 In February we poked each other with IV needles and sutured chunks of
chicken to prepare for the real meal deal someday. It was pretty cool.
 I ran my first 5 km race along with a whole group of us from Mercy. It
was pretty fun..at least the feeling of accomplishment after we were finished
was fun. Our girls cleaned up in some of the prizes. Our director won 3rd for the
open females catagories.. . yay Krys!
I can’t say thanks enough for those of you have written letters, emails, facebook messages, made baby bags or prayed for me. This month I want to say a special thanks to all you who have supported me financially. Much of what you give goes directly back into running the clinic and keeping birth safe, and pouring Jesus’ love on the many mothers who come here. Every year, Mercy delivers 1500 babies. I estimate that this affects 3000 parents, and probably over 4000 other siblings… thankyou. Together with you, running the race, fighting the fight, keeping the faith………Jenna