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Posted by Terry (terry) on Dec 15 2007 at 10:13 AM

HARVEST INDIA Our partner Harvest India is a second generation, apostolic, indigenous Indian ministry based near the East coast in Tenali A.P. South India  They specialize in reaching the 660,000 unreached villages of India (80% of the population)   It is led by Suresh Kumar.

Suresh writes "We have 1200 orphan children in different home, and more than 1150 pastors and leaders, Five Bible colleges in five differetn states and sending more than 200 students , More than 200 Aids people are benifiting through this ministry, Five widow and elderly homes, doing lot's of relief activities and drilling drinking water wells, Feeding hungry every saterday more than 300 people and children and more than all we are reaching a million people every year through crusades and outreach ministry. Now we have staff 126. For all these activities we need your prayerful support and co-operation. God bless you."

Terry has preached in many pastors conferences and crusades with Harvest India. Total Change is currently sponsoring a Dalit ( untouchable people) school for 1000 children. For information visit our Missions page.