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Posted by (terry) on Sep 19 2012 at 7:28 AM

Thankyou to everyone for your thoughts and prayers :)  

I just thought I would send out a small note to tell you about my first African birthday here!

It started with the birth of a baby boy at 6:01am!  We were at the hospital all night waiting for him to be born as he is the son of one of the carpenters at the orphanage!  I didn't think we would be a part of a birth so soon!  The baby was born at a Doctor's Without Borders Hospital.  It was cool to see their set-up.  The nurses even gave us a tour of the clinic.  It is quite overwhelming to think about practicing as midwives here, but thankfully we have this beginning time to learn culture and language.  I am very glad for that!

After the birth we went outside the hospital to eat some potato leaves and rice for breakfast.  All of a sudden, two huge tubs of rotting deer flesh were placed right in front of us!  Maybe they wanted to sell us some, but the smell almost made our bellies loose their breakfast!  It was pretty funny :)  Apparently they hadn't smoked the meat good enough.  The deer here are very small, maybe the size of  a raccoon.  All meat that is wild is called "bush meat".    

 In the evening, Kayla and I walked around to each of the 5 homes where the Jonathan's House children live and passed out some celebratory birthday candies.  At each home the children sang me birthday songs.  They were pretty sweet.  Then we enjoyed some delicious brownies that Christie (the JCC director) made for us.  

What a great first African birthday :)  

Tomorrow we hit the dirt and potholes road to go to Pujehun to look for a village!  It seems crazy that we are planning to just drive around a check out villages to live in, but that is exactly what we plan to do!  Thankfully Mammy Jinnah has a few options for us to look at!  

Today we did our first official language lesson using the material that Kayla studied during her language aquisition course while still in the States.  It was a good feeling to have a direction to go in language instead of just learning random words and phrases.  I am excited for more of that.  

I would love continued prayers for safety as we travel tomorrow, and that the Holy Spirit would show us clearly the village that we are to live in!  Every day I feel a little more settled here, even though I still feel some ups and downs :)  But that is normal!  The people are so friendly and willing to teach us.  I am thankful also to be with such a great teammate (Kayla).

Till next time,