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Posted by Administrator (admein) on Jul 01 2007 at 3:42 PM

·    As I watched I saw many hands  spreading out a pure white table cloth until it covered the entire table. I felt this was holiness, the hands were the leaders who had repented for the sins of the church in Canada in recent years. They have prepared the way for the banquet.

·    Then  many other hands started to set out great dishes of delicious food. These servants  seemed to be angels but I could only see their figures vaguely. They set out huge bowls full of all kinds of fruit, and various breads, meat and drinks. This represented every good and perfect gift and provision of God. Miracles and Salvation, deliverance, the gifts and the glory of God’s presence.

·    Then I watched as some Christians like myself noticed the table being set and with great excitement (like children at Christmas I thought) came and took some of the food. I watched one man take a beautiful red apple and go away and suddenly “poof” another apple appeared in its place. I knew that the apple was a miracle and that this early eating represented the "first fruits" that are already being experienced. Even though it wasn’t “dinner time” this was OK with God.  Later I saw the Father taking great delight and laughing as He watched His people getting an early taste!

·    Finally  the table was completely full and ready. It was so full that absolutely nothing else could be set there. I thought “if they try to put out any more it will fall onto the floor.” Not a single spot was left.

·    The vision ended with the Father's hand before me holding a striker or mallet and He said “I am about to strike my dinner gong for Canada”  I knew at this point that the Banquet is for Canada, not the church. Even though we will eat as well, we (the Church) are God’s servants and are to call Canadians to the table. The banquet is for Canada.

On Friday Sept 21 as Gideon Chiu was praying he quoted Ephesians 3:10 that “through the Church the manifold wisdom of God may now be made known to the powers and principalities”… Suddenly I saw the hand of the Lord with the striker , and He struck the gong. Miracles began to break out in the meetings that day. 

The Banquet Table Is Set, The Gong has been Sounded. His table must be full.